Friday, November 30, 2018

Paperless Post Christmas Party

 My Paperless Post Experience ♥ 
Do you miss snail mail envelopes arriving in your mail? Do you miss the excitement of opening up an envelope awaiting eagerly to see what surprise awaits? Is it a party invitation? Is a milestone being shared in your family? Is it good news from a friend? Paperless Post gives you all of these beautiful experiences right from the comfort of your very own bed (I literally just came home from work!). 

After you sign up using your email address or Facebook login details - welcome to a never ending world of gorgeous designs. To kick start your journey you will be gifted with 25 coins for signing up (you can purchase more at a later stage if you wish) which can be used to access EXTRA features (for example envelope liners and specially designed stamps). There are so so many pretty designs (cards, invitations and flyers) that are free or worth a few coins and genres to choose from (holiday, birthday, wedding, parties, professional and cards). I literally spent an hour just looking at all the gorgeous designs for the perfect one for my piano and violin student's end of year holiday Christmas concert. So trust me when I say there are plenty of festive holiday designs ready for you to customise. 

Oh my goodness! Isn't Paperless Post just adorable? Look how darling the design I finally chose is. When you customise designs you have a huge choice of colours and fonts and additional extras.
If you are feeling a little apprehensive about using technology to create something so significant to get a party rolling - don't be! There are always handy tips guiding you and help not too far away if needed.
Paperless Post has a handy IOS app that can be used on any Apple device (sorry Samsung and other users I feel your pain - I have an Android phone!). In the land of Apple it is so convenient to just chip away on my iPad adding in details of my event.
At this point, can you even name a better customised online designer that reflects your personal style? I know after like 10 years of shopping around the web and trialling different products that do similar things Paperless Post has definitely remained a favourite. It is just something about those beautiful designs and ease of customisation! 
I personally adore how you (as the host) receive notifications to say the people you have invited have RSVP'd and answered your RSVP questions or posted a message. You can even see if your gusts have viewed the invites. The magic of Paperless Post never ends and therefore makes for an exciting way to plan events!

And there you have it - elegant technologies (computer program or on iOS) combined with a vast array of expressive and decadent designs to celebrate your most important life occasions with a little sprinkle of old school snail mail.

Happy party planning, B xx ♥ 

Monday, January 29, 2018


Aquarium of Western Australia ♥ 

Being the queen of the art of procrastination comes the lack of content on my blog. I have finally bitten the bullet and am writing my first post in along time. I know I have made resolutions over the years to write more and such but for those of you who know me know that I love to procrastinate. And when I want something to be perfect and I don't think I can commit to doing something perfectly, no matter how much I love it I will procrastinate it. I'm not technologically savvy and my goals for this blog fell through early on with the lack of help and my ability to invest money and time into it. However, New Years Resolutions can happen a month late right? 2018 is going to showcase my version of imperfectly perfect posts (no photoshopping makeovers here - I never paid attention in ICT in school and I prefer to wonder at the world's raw beauty vs. an altered beauty) sharing my creative and colourful adventures around the world, with bucket list destinations, travel ideas and tips, feminine outfits, and little creative bits and pieces.

Love always, B xx ♥ 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Sprinkles

Monday morning dreaming Florence. Even though it was summer, I still managed to get caught in a little bit of a sprinkle (if you look closely at the photos you can see a few raindrops). So, apparently everyone ducks for cover while I go play in the rain whether I am in Florence, London, Dar es Salaam, Melbourne, or home sweet home in Perth. I guess not many people in the world like the rain. But I do. The smell of rain leaves the perfect scent of freshness, which makes me feel peaceful, and makes me want to twirl, and fall asleep listening to it trickle on my roof. Also, there is hardly anyone ever around so much more room for fun. I guess these pictures don't quite show you the perfect summer sprinkle moment I had in Florence. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016


So based on my research a Tandem Skydive means free fall for 40 to 60 seconds. But that's not exactly how my experience went. As a smaller framed person of only 32kg at the time (no I have never had a eating disorder nor do I diet) I was pulled like a breath of wind out of the plane firmly connected to a professional parachutist and free falling to learn my journey was becoming something like paragliding at the same time. It was like having two experiences in one resulting in a happy Belle with a beautiful view (not the house burning down though). Would you have ever guessed I would have jumped out of a plane? Well, back on land amongst the soft green grass, watching the video reflecting on the last 5ish mins I couldn't believe I had just jumped out of a plane. I hadn't been nervous and I hadn't been scared. I was more afraid of the thought of my pretty little brown shoes (the only enclosed shoes I had packed) falling off in the sky and hurtling down like a shooting star.  After borrowing a pair of sneakers, everything went smooth sailing and I have an amazing experience to look back on and wonder how I ever did that!

So here's my list of Fab Four Pro's for anyone considering taking on the wind, the sky, a plane, and a bunch of wires.

1. Definitely don't research what can happen on a skydive before you go, let alone watch all those YouTube videos of things going wrong. That isn't going to help one itty little bit! I didn't not because I was afraid of knowing the truth (in my mind I had imagined jumping out of the plane and falling to my death and in reality there was a second or two during my free fall where I thought this was going to happen with the world spinning around out of control) but because that was those people's experiences. I was determined to have my own first experience, and enjoy the ride. Whatever the outcome. Living life to the fullest right? 

2. If your goals it do adventurous and adrenaline type sports and activities be sure to pack a pair of shoes and clothes appropriate enough. For me, I didn't own a pair of sneakers at the time (and still don't except a pair of white Vans for work!) but luckily I packed a t-shirt and tights just for it. It definitely requires some thought in advance if you're like me always wearing sandals, dresses, and skirts daily.

3. This one is for my Crohns and Colitis ninjas - if you're stressing about what's going to happen on the way up and while you're shining bright across the world like a star, don't be. I know I went to the toilet a million times as I had only been in remission for about three weeks (this was the first time since I had been diagnosed) and out of five people I was the fourth one to jump. You can imagine how long the wait was as the company took people up in two's. For me personally though, if I hadn't been in remission I would have tried attempting to skydive anyway. Your body is stronger than you think. And it actually does cooperate at times believe it or not. I have experienced two of my worst Ulcerative Colitis episodes where I have struggled the entire day during two of my teaching practicums and that had the additional stress of assessors, parents, teachers, lesson planning, resourcing materials, achieving lesson goals, and reflecting daily. You'll never know what you can achieve, till you try. So try some skydiving, or if you are keen for more land adventures, and if you are up for a trek and some sightseeing why not try the 'Inspired Adventures CCA Great Wall of China Challenge' and raise some money to support Crohns and Colitis. There are plenty of adventures out there, and starting small is the easiest, one foot at a time till you're flying high above the clouds and skydiving out of plane back to land.

4. If you've always wanted to be able to fly as your secret superpower then this is your chance with a stunning birds eye view over whatever location you choose whether Auckland, Dubai, Hawaii, Interlaken, Sydney, Tyrol or any other place. 

Video coming soon. ♥  

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Over the centuries meltwater carved deep ravines with vertical rock walls in the mountains make Tirol's beautiful landscape ideal for canyoning. The vast plain with stunning shades of  green surrounded by mountains with the sands of Africa in view make for the perfect place to skydive. Two adventures of a lifetime not to be missed!

Tirol a magical pretty hidden land I could never have imagined. When you think of Austria what do you think of? Do you think of Mozart, the Sound of Music, or a Viennesse Waltz at an exquisite ball? Do you stop to think of and take note of the nature around you wherever in the world you are? Tirol is a maze of green and adventure not to be missed and if you like to try new things definitely make a pitstop here. 

Canyoning is the perfect summer adventure. Over the centuries water and nature has created amazing canyons - a playground for people wanting an adventure. Canyoning usually involves a variety of activities including abseiling through waterfalls, jumping into pools, sliding down water chutes, swimming, wading, and apparently sometimes even diving (but I didn't come across that) - oh also and in my experience lots of fun freezing times which are made up for with the obstacles made by nature and overcome thanks to safety gear. 

When you go canyoning you are provided with thick wetsuits, water shoes, and all the safety equipment required and in some special cases even a waterproof camera or GoPro (but that wasn't my case and so I have no photographic evidence of my very special adventure). It definitely is not an experience to be missed even if you only have a half day free. With one day in Tirol canyoning was my chosen morning activity. I can't wait to try out some other canyons around the world. I know I have my eyes set on a pretty rainforest style canyon in Wollongong and an adventurous canyon into the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. 

Can you guess what my chosen afternoon activity was?

Coming soon ♥  

Monday, April 18, 2016


What have you always dreamed about since you were a young child? ♥ 

Have you ever wondered what the word chronic means? Or has it never phased you? When you see someone smile what do you think? Do you judge them? Do you ignore them? Do you smile back? Do you wonder what is hidden behind that smile? Invisible chronic illnesses exist. While chronic autoimmune illnesses may be hushed and not commonly known as breast cancer, lunch cancer, and all the others which now having amazing recovery results due to years of funding and research - they exist. Have you ever heard of IBS? Or IBD? IBD stands for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and umbrellas Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis and is just one of those many invisible illnesses not commonly know about. It needs more funding, research, donations to help those that are fighting daily battles with their bodies eating themselves. That's what an autoimmune disease is. In my case it is internal bleeding of my large intestine defined as Ulcerative Colitis. Internal bleeding is absolutely no fun. 

Can you imagine a beautiful young child going through that? Because I can't, and I struggle with it at 22. Especially when on my teaching practicums. My blog is an escape for me to create my perfect world, and bridge together my creativity from the comfort of my bed generally. What have you always dreamed about since you were a young child? I have always dreamed of wearing high heels, playing the piano, speaking Italian, living in Italy, travelling the world, getting married, and having twins. While I don't have the ability to control my inability to have children, who I will marry and whether they'll accept me broken and all, I have the ability to adopt, and to do many other things in life. Throughout my blog you will see snippets of my creativity, feminine outfit posts, times I have taken on challenges, travel ideas and tips, and plenty of photographs that show you what is achievable with Ulcerative Colitis when I am not hiding from the world in my room, huddled under my blanket, cuddling my teddy, attached to my heat pack, in my super duper trooper low days. There's a story hidden behind each person's smile. And this is just mine, B xx ♥ 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Best Holiday Bag

"you don't have to carry a designer bag that costs more than a car to look cool" 


I am in love with designer travel bags, but I just can't justify the price of them. Can you?  Bag: It took me some months to find this beautiful strong, bag but I eventually did (thanks to mum's help!) from Fossil. I was looking for something neutral to go with everything and not too frilly so it could be dressed up and down, something to carry the essentials and of course my dsrl. Camera: Did you imagine my dslr was hiding in there? I think this bag did a great job in that regards. Weight: for the most time this bag wasn't heavy at all - only when it came to super duperly hot days and walking around Rome and the Vatican City on foot did it get just that little bit heavy. Price: While this bag is slightly more expensive than your usual everyday bag, it isn't as expensive as your Prada's and Givenchy's. It is made out of a sturdy leather, which will last you for many more holidays to come. Opinion: Definitely a great holiday bag in my opinion!

Happy Bag Shopping! B xx

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


With uni finishing early in November and my holiday to Africa and Dubai [my personal nicknames Afreeka and Dubaihai] my summer holidays have flown by and we are already one week away from the third month of 2015. Where did Christmas and New Years go? I hope all of you special cookies had a lovely few weeks celebrating with special ones and doing memorable and exciting magical things bringing in the new year. How time flies! I have a beautiful little travel diary to show you so check back soon to be amazed just like I was.

A little summer story from me.. early on in my summer holidays I decided I was going to stop idling writing, painting and drawing words and lists on spare paper, bank statements and sticky notes and start creating pretty lists. And so my typography journey began, one brush stroke at a time! B xx

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rose Petals

sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory 
dr. suess

have spent today drifting, daydreaming, and reflecting on how different 2014 and has been to the last three years of my life in a creative arts environment. I have my regrets and my achievements, and my goals in striving to follow my dreams but the one thing I can't understand is time. Can you believe Christmas is in a week? My sister thought I was crazy when I casually said it in a conversation yesterday till she realised I was right. While I have achieved so much in this last year doing something completely new and exciting, I still miss being surrounded by music, having the time to practice, learning mountains of repertoire, and playing pieces I thought I could never pull off! Sigh, time is still ticking.. what are your reflections about 2014? B, xx

P.S Promise these are the last of my music photoshoot photos! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Postcards from Europe

la sagrada familia barcelona spain europe
canals amsterdam netherlands europe
parc guell barcelona spain europe
piazzale michelangelo florence italy europe
red telephone box london england europe
colosseum rome italy europe
scenic stop rhine valley germany europe
spanish steps rome italy europe
vatican city rome italy europe
gondolas venice italy europe
skydiving austrian alps tyrol europe
eiffel tower paris france europe

my sister's idea of a caption:
"i thrw mi hands up in da air symtyms sngng ayooooo"

I'd only ever heard, seen photos and paintings, read books, watched movies and listened to music that was associated with Europe but nothing could have prepared me for seeing things like the streets of Barcelona, the canals of Amsterdam, the beautiful Austrian Alps and Rhine Valley scenery, the Colosseum and Vatican City, the gondolas in Venice, the beautiful little city of Florence, the Eiffel tower in Paris and let's not forget the shopping, gelato and macarons (yes I have a sweet-tooth!) It is so hard not to fall in love with each city I visited had its own special charm. So, if you didn't see my photos on Instagram (@littlebxx) then prepare for quite a few travel posts which is only a fraction of the photographic evidence I have of my trip to Europe. They say a picture is worth a thousand words right? Happy living through my travels. 

Ciao B, xx