Sunday, October 13, 2013


violin alannah hill graduation recital photoshoot
classical graduation recital preparation 
photography by jeffrey ong

So, I couldn't wait any longer but here is a teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy sneak peek photo of my graduation recital photoshoot (which is also my favourite).

The irony for some may be, that I am actually a classical piano student. But, I have always liked violin more since I was younger, as there's more you can do with it in terms of groups and there is just one that I have to get used to. George. We've been through a lot and he has travelled around with me quite a bit!

Enjoy, more photos coming your ways! Ciao, B xx

P.s A lot means, one fine, hot summer's day about 5 years ago, I fainted in the first five minutes of my violin lesson on my violin, with my bow breaking the fall. It was a tad traumatic when I gained consciousness because I was so scared I had smashed my violin! But instruments are magical things.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


20 birthday alannah hill forever new fashion style
20 birthday alannah hill forever new fashion style
20 birthday alannah hill forever new fashion style
{Top: Forever New. Skirt: Forever New. Cardi: Alannah Hill. Belt: Alannah Hill. Stockings: Alannah Hill. Shoes: Urban Soul. Headband: Alannah Hill}

There is a sunshower outside, and I can hear the birds chirping. I finally have a spare minute to gather my thoughts and write a post hooray! I can't tell you how busy the last few months have been. Can you believe it, there is only one more month till my graduation recital and till I graduate! How time flies.

Here are just a few sneak peek pictures from my birthday lunch in the hills surrounded by the beautiful environment. (Yes, if you can't tell Alannah Hill and Forever New are my favourite shops but that's another story for another day). We went to this little place called 'Genesis in the Hills' which was 100% organic even the meat. For me, it was something completely different but the nature outside the little restaurant was breathtaking. These pictures are a little funny as you can see only too well how opposite my sister and I are, even though we say the same things at once or are thinking the same thing and people think we're twins. Good joke!

Love always,
B xx