Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This is Sydney!

Apologies for going missing for the past week. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed I have been in Sydney for the past week spending time with my beautiful cousin leading up to her 20th birthday. We didn't really go exploring what this beautiful state has to offer, as we have been here plenty of times before but when we did get out and about we created some everlasting memories. This is one of my favourite photos we took - a moment of serenity with the beautiful harbour bridge. Lots of Love B xx

Photo by Emily Carvalho

Sunday, February 10, 2013


The eighteen days I spent living in Candolim over December/January made me feel like I had spent the last few months living there. From waking up to the sounds of horns, and bustling people, with the beautiful sun shining down on our front verandah at Albuquerque Villas and eating nutella and toast for breakfast while walking down to the beach - I couldn't imagine anything better. I absolutely loved staying there as it was beautifully set out and the staff were wonderful and everything was perfect!

If you are ever in Goa, I definitely recommend staying at Albuquerque Villas as it is just breathtaking and if you don't believe me, just stare and sigh at the beautiful pictures I have posted above. It was always so nice starting of my morning at Albu (my nickname for Albuquerque Villas) and ending it watching lives slowly unwind into the early hours of the morning under the beautiful moonlight. Love B xx

Photos by Emily Carvalho and me

Friday, February 8, 2013

Viva Goa

Hello from Goa! It feels great to be writing about my adventures in Goa and reliving the amazing experiences. But I can't tell you all my secrets. That's for you to one day find out and maybe even experience for yourself.

As we stepped outside the airport, we were greeted with beautiful greenery, palm trees and sunshiney weather oh and the heat that we hadn't really missed, even though I was all prepared with my little cardis and things for the Goa 'winter' which turned out to be just like good old summer in Australia.

Who knew we would feel right at home soon enough. Not me for sure! I still can't get used to the way they drive in Goa, let alone Bombay and Kuala Lumpur. That's actually one of the highlights of my trip the different driving experiences. More photo diaries coming soon with plenty of intricate details about my beautiful Goa trip!

 ♥ B xx
Photos by me

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mumbai diary

My first impression was - oh my god! The chaos, the people, the smell, we had definitely arrived in India. This crazy city was absolute chaos and packed with people but it was all so surprisingly clean. Apparently the population of the whole of Bombay was equal to the entire population of Australia. Imagine that! On the way to Goa we were only in Bombay for half a day and on the way back home for a day and just a tad more than a half of which we tried covering as much ground as we could in the limited time we had.

After checking into the Novotel, Juhu, we wandered around the Phoenix Malls Shopping mall after our delicious breakfasts. It was amazing! It even had one of my favourite stores from Australia - Forever New! Best shopping mall ever (definitely recommend it). We met up with a few family friends and cousins over the next few hours and lounged by the pool and beach and by then it was time to leave.

While I am a big city girl, adventuring through Bombay in the limited time we had when we weren't shopping was tiring because of all the traffic and taxi drivers pretending not to know the directions. Making circles and circles of the city wasn't any fun and equalled my sister and I falling asleep in the taxi. I guess we didn't really give Bombay the full attention we should have, but then we never really settled in as it was just a pitstop either way. One day soon, though I would love to go back and explore this crazy exciting city with new eyes instead of being sick, tired and just ready for my own bed back home. Till next time, Bombay. B xx

Photos by me