Sunday, February 10, 2013


The eighteen days I spent living in Candolim over December/January made me feel like I had spent the last few months living there. From waking up to the sounds of horns, and bustling people, with the beautiful sun shining down on our front verandah at Albuquerque Villas and eating nutella and toast for breakfast while walking down to the beach - I couldn't imagine anything better. I absolutely loved staying there as it was beautifully set out and the staff were wonderful and everything was perfect!

If you are ever in Goa, I definitely recommend staying at Albuquerque Villas as it is just breathtaking and if you don't believe me, just stare and sigh at the beautiful pictures I have posted above. It was always so nice starting of my morning at Albu (my nickname for Albuquerque Villas) and ending it watching lives slowly unwind into the early hours of the morning under the beautiful moonlight. Love B xx

Photos by Emily Carvalho and me


  1. wow,those pictures are amazing! I can imagine that you had a great time. *jealous*