Saturday, May 21, 2016


So based on my research a Tandem Skydive means free fall for 40 to 60 seconds. But that's not exactly how my experience went. As a smaller framed person of only 32kg at the time (no I have never had a eating disorder nor do I diet) I was pulled like a breath of wind out of the plane firmly connected to a professional parachutist and free falling to learn my journey was becoming something like paragliding at the same time. It was like having two experiences in one resulting in a happy Belle with a beautiful view (not the house burning down though). Would you have ever guessed I would have jumped out of a plane? Well, back on land amongst the soft green grass, watching the video reflecting on the last 5ish mins I couldn't believe I had just jumped out of a plane. I hadn't been nervous and I hadn't been scared. I was more afraid of the thought of my pretty little brown shoes (the only enclosed shoes I had packed) falling off in the sky and hurtling down like a shooting star.  After borrowing a pair of sneakers, everything went smooth sailing and I have an amazing experience to look back on and wonder how I ever did that!

So here's my list of Fab Four Pro's for anyone considering taking on the wind, the sky, a plane, and a bunch of wires.

1. Definitely don't research what can happen on a skydive before you go, let alone watch all those YouTube videos of things going wrong. That isn't going to help one itty little bit! I didn't not because I was afraid of knowing the truth (in my mind I had imagined jumping out of the plane and falling to my death and in reality there was a second or two during my free fall where I thought this was going to happen with the world spinning around out of control) but because that was those people's experiences. I was determined to have my own first experience, and enjoy the ride. Whatever the outcome. Living life to the fullest right? 

2. If your goals it do adventurous and adrenaline type sports and activities be sure to pack a pair of shoes and clothes appropriate enough. For me, I didn't own a pair of sneakers at the time (and still don't except a pair of white Vans for work!) but luckily I packed a t-shirt and tights just for it. It definitely requires some thought in advance if you're like me always wearing sandals, dresses, and skirts daily.

3. This one is for my Crohns and Colitis ninjas - if you're stressing about what's going to happen on the way up and while you're shining bright across the world like a star, don't be. I know I went to the toilet a million times as I had only been in remission for about three weeks (this was the first time since I had been diagnosed) and out of five people I was the fourth one to jump. You can imagine how long the wait was as the company took people up in two's. For me personally though, if I hadn't been in remission I would have tried attempting to skydive anyway. Your body is stronger than you think. And it actually does cooperate at times believe it or not. I have experienced two of my worst Ulcerative Colitis episodes where I have struggled the entire day during two of my teaching practicums and that had the additional stress of assessors, parents, teachers, lesson planning, resourcing materials, achieving lesson goals, and reflecting daily. You'll never know what you can achieve, till you try. So try some skydiving, or if you are keen for more land adventures, and if you are up for a trek and some sightseeing why not try the 'Inspired Adventures CCA Great Wall of China Challenge' and raise some money to support Crohns and Colitis. There are plenty of adventures out there, and starting small is the easiest, one foot at a time till you're flying high above the clouds and skydiving out of plane back to land.

4. If you've always wanted to be able to fly as your secret superpower then this is your chance with a stunning birds eye view over whatever location you choose whether Auckland, Dubai, Hawaii, Interlaken, Sydney, Tyrol or any other place. 

Video coming soon. ♥  

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