Friday, January 18, 2013

Carry On

These are things that my bag is stocked with every single day, all floating around loosely. I have also forgotten a few things, like loose pens, medicine, my wallet! This is why before I started packing, I wrote down a list of everything that I needed to pack in my handbag, carry on duffel bag and suitcase. You never know what you may leave behind!

1. Ooh La La handbag. If you know me personally you'll know that Paris has an equal tie with New York in my heart and I love anything to do with it. So this bag, was perfect! It always does surprise me though just how much I can fit inside it, and how much weight it does carry. At one point my black wedges were even propped up inside!

2. Vogue sunglasses. I love them, especially the gold rim along the edges. It matches me perfectly!

3. Diary/Passport. I bought this diary because of its colour. I absolutely adore mint and writing about my travels and experiences, and plans for what is to come.

4. Earphones. Pure and simple way of noise cancellation in the plane. They are one of the best things a traveller could invest in, from drastically improving long haul flights, to having the company of background music anywhere you go

5. Loose change. I have quite a few currencies floating around the bottom of my bag that I just keep adding too. I think it is that I wish to go back to those places and so there is no point in running to the piggy bank to exchange it!

6. Hair accessories. If you haven't noticed by now, bows and flowers are my statement pieces and I will always be wearing one or the other. Therefore, it is never a surprise when you find a bow or two at the bottom of my bag.

7. Loose jewellery. I don't generally change around my bracelets and things, unless I find new and exciting things. But for now, I love my pearls, They go with pretty much any outfit anyways.

8. Body Shop Born Lippy. These are my favourite flavoured lipglosses. I have three favourite flavours - watermelon, strawberry and passionfruit. I have loved these for years!

9. Lucas PaPaw ointment. Pretty much to any Australian girl this is their best friend. To all of you around the world who don't know what it is, it is the best thing you will ever find as it caters for your lips in every season, or for any occasion.

10. Phone/Ipod. Simple. They are my life. From travel plans, to daily plans, to photo galleries, to music playlists - they carry a nutshell of my life.

11. Mentos. For those of you that have ever been on a camping trip, or plane ride with me know that I always have a mentos stick along for the ride.

12. Lumix. When I don't want to take my big camera out, or perhaps just capture a more sentimental moment with friends, this is my saviour.

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