Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Somewhere wandering along the streets of Panjim, the city center of Goa did I realise what an amazing place Goa truly was and that at each and every corner and hook something new was awaiting me. I've been told by numerous people who try guessing my background that I'm Brazilian, European or Indian and for some people, Indian isn't even on their radar! But it certainly felt, I do admit, a little weird walking along the streets of Goa in my flouncy florally, brightly coloured dresses and heels with socks and bows and flowers in my hair. But, somehow I still felt like I belonged to this magical paradise.

"Campal, Panjim is home to Kala Academy. Art and culture, dance and music, the forms of expression which shape the soul of the people, Kala Academy, Goa stands as a testimony to the richness and diversity of the Goan cultural ethos, reflecting the religious sentiments and beliefs of the land." Besides the technical background of the place, it is actually so beautiful and different to the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

When my sister and I first got to Goa we didn't know how to pronounce anything let alone understand a word of Konkani, the local language or Hindi, the national language. Imagine us saying Can-do-limb for Candolim, and Mar-go for Margao but of course our way of saying things became one big joke to our friends/family and the names stuck. Hope you enjoy my Pan-a-gee photo diary and I look forward to sharing Cidade De Goa, with you dolls next! Love B xx


  1. Such pretty photos! Would love to visit one day.


  2. the photographs are stunnning and i really loved the twisting stairs!

  3. The photographs are amazing and you are beautiful! Thanks for the message on IFB!

    Alicia G.


  4. Beautiful photos, I love your dress. I'm now following through GFC!
    VOTE Tiffy (5 Stars) FOX Sports West Girl! xo

  5. Thank you for your message on IFB I am following you now via GFC =) hope you could give me a follow too =) love the place. sooo beautiful =)

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  6. Such beautiful photo's! I love how colorful they all are, that wedding seems amazing!
    Maya - Archistas

  7. Beautiful photos! Look like a wonderful vacay!
    xo jess