Sunday, February 5, 2017


Aquarium of Western Australia ♥ 

Being the queen of the art of procrastination comes the lack of content on my blog. I have finally bitten the bullet and am writing my first post in along time. I know I have made resolutions over the years to write more and such but for those of you who know me know that I love to procrastinate. And when I want something to be perfect and I don't think I can commit to doing something perfectly, no matter how much I love it I will procrastinate it. I'm not technologically savvy and my goals for this blog fell through early on with the lack of help and my ability to invest money and time into it. However, New Years Resolutions can happen a month late right? 2017 is going to showcase my version of imperfectly perfect posts (no photoshopping here - I never paid attention in ICT in school and I prefer to wonder at the world's raw beauty vs. an altered beauty) sharing my creative and colourful adventures around the world, with bucket list destinations, travel ideas and tips, feminine outfits, and little creative bits and pieces.

Love always, B xx ♥