Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why Travel?

 Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada 

Since I got back from Europe I longed to go back and explore and experience our pretty little world with friends or by myself. I absolutely love travelling with my family as it has just always been out thing since I was little, but travelling with friends or by myself opens up so many different pathways and possibilities.

At the end of 2015 I struggled through a really horrible flare up of Ulcerative Colitis during a teaching practicum of my Masters of Teaching (Early Childhood) degree so in 2016 I decided to have a break from my degree. In 2016 I ended up completing a Graduate Certificate of Religious Education online, volunteering in schools, working in before and after school care, teaching piano and violin, and travelling North America for three and a half months solo. But it wasn't all travel, there was a summer course, uni work, and volunteering involved too. And of course lots of educational exhibits along the way!

Travel is a lot more powerful than people expect. It is the most expensive and worthwhile experience you will ever buy. The friendships made and stories you hear from people of all ages whilst travelling have the ability to change your entire state of mind, which can then change your entire life. Travelling changes the way you experience things, the way you think about things, people, yourself, and the list goes on.

So if you would love to learn more, follow along on my blog, and watch my up and coming Instagram posts (@littlebxx) for more information on my travelling adventures while studying, and dealing with my health.

Love, travelling B